Attention Parents With 10 to 18 year old children  

Free Guide: 5 Ways Trips+ Builds A Life Long Bond With Your Kids And Teaches The Art of Giving Back  

Are you passionate about * Parenting and have children aged 10 to 18 * Teaching your children the importance of giving back * Food, travel and leaving the world a better place * Energised by a team environment and stunning scenery  

  • The #1 Parenting secret to connecting with your children
  • How NOT to be a 10 Minute A Day Parent
  • How to create a culture that will be passed on to your grandchildren
  • How giving back will make your children better people
  • Locals only experiences & the world's #1 ranked island 

“This guide inspired me to take my family back to the Philippines to rediscover our roots. It was an emotional time for us. "

Roel Samera

“Trips+ gives you the ability to spend quality 1 on 1 time with your kids. It was really well organised by Mario and Justin."

Ev Coan