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Free Guide: 5 Ways A Trips+ Medical Voluntour Will Change Your Life

Are you : * Fully qualified Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse, Medical Technician, Pharmacist with at least 3 years experience. * Passionate about healthcare and making a difference in the world. * Inspired by food, travel and leaving the world a better place. * Energised by a team environment and upskilling others.  

Discover how you can:- * Maximise your medical skills in short term medical clinics and life changing operations. *Experience stunning scenery and mouth watering food. * Authentic "locals only" cultural immersion. * Leave a lasting legacy healthcare legacy. * Enhance your career prospects.  

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“Trips+ Medical Voluntours provide significant opportunities to use your medical skills to build a long term legacy.

Justin Pagotto, Trips+ Facilitator

“Our partnership with Trips+ empowers community medical help for those who need it most."

Dr Carmi Arnaldo, Operation Blessing Medical Team